DefhacksNYC 2019

June 1st-2nd, 2019

A Fintech Hackathon

About DefhacksNYC

At our hackathons, we unite students, teachers, and tech companies to enable education, collaboration, and innovation. From first-time hackers to experienced coders, Def Hacks provides opportunities for our attendees to expand their skill-sets, get to know their local tech community, and create projects

Attend your local Def Hacks to collaborate with other students in your area, receive mentorship from tech professionals, and build an innovative project that could lead to the next unicorn! At Def Hacks, you’ll explore new technologies, get in touch with recruiters at top tech companies, eat free food, and receive swag from Def Hacks and our sponsors! Best of all? It’s entirely free!

Def Hacks events attract the most creative and talented student minds, giving our sponsors incomparable access to top technical talent.


Some Important

What To Bring

A valid student ID, laptop, charger, whatever makes you comfortable or supports your coding activities. (keyboard, mouse, etc.)

Is there a code of conduct?

Yes. We follow the MLH Code of Conduct

Do you provide the hardware

Yes! Here is the list of hardware we will be providing during the event.

I don't have a team or an idea what to do :'(

If you do not currently have a team or idea, do not fear! Many hackers come in without teams or ideas. There are two methods to find teammates, and trust us, hacking with a team is a lot more fun! Team sizes have to be 2 - 4 people. We will also be holding a team formation event before the kickoff and opening ceremony.

Why Should I Come?

Sure, spending 24 hours working on a project outside of school may seem a little daunting but we promise you will not regret it!

Travel Reimbursement?

We will not be offering travel reimbursement for DefhacksNYC 2019









Our Team

Take a look at the team that makes DefhacksNYC possibile


We wouldn't be able to host this event without the support of our world class sponsors!

Platnium Tier Sponsor

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Gold Tier Sponsor


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Bronze Tier Sponsor


Linode is a leading cloud hosting provider founded in 2003. Today, the company boasts more than 800,000 customers worldwide and operates nine data centers across three continents. Linode subscribers can create a cloud server in under a minute and then dynamically scale their environments to meet demands, paying only for resources used without long-term commitments. Lightning-quick SSD servers starting at $5/month for 1GB of RAM.

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